I grew up with the coolest toys imaginable. I owned (and took naps on) the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier, I created Jedi battles with my Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader action figures and I built legendary castles and cities with my unrivaled Lego collection.

25+ years later, my toy collection has multiplied...and so has has my devotion to all things collectible. Action figures remain my weapon of choice, but as I've grown older, vintage office supplies and retro home decor have become a few of my new toys.

In 2009, I started Half Pint Salvage. From the early days of handmade chalkboards, key racks and coat hooks to the later days of collecting anything vintage (and more and more toys, of course), its been a blast!

When I'm not digging through attics, riffling through thrift store bins or plundering local estate sales (searching for the next Half Pint Salvage prize), I'm working hard at my full-time gig with Blackbird Tees.

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