Monday, March 29, 2010


If you're like me, you have a box full of "stuff" somewhere in your house.  For me, it's an old Asics shoebox filled with scraps of paper, twine, bread loaf tabs, plastic sock holder thingies and other random recyclable goodies.  Ideas are constantly bouncing around inside my head--what to do with all these...things?  Much of the bouncing has actually led to some pretty creative recycling.  But for the most part, that box is still pretty darn full.

These clever Etsyians have emptied their box of "stuff" and created some truly craft-tacular goodies!  The best part?  All of these lovely creations are under $25.

Scraps of cardstock and some fine tuning:

Bearded boys magnet set, from Hollandsworth - $10.

Paper, string, postage stamps and more:

Mixed media collage, from Oiseaux Noir - $22.

Textured cardstock, with love:

Red valentine heart confetti, from The Career Scrapper - $2.50.

Vintage paper, ribbon and lots of patience:

Petite stitched accordion sketchbook, from Relove - $20.

Monday, March 22, 2010

ETSY shop profile: The Lime Shop

While doing a little ETSY recon (searching for my next batch of treasury goodies), I stumbled upon The Lime Shop.  Newbies to the ETSY universe, The Lime Shop features a lovely assortment of handmade iPod and iPhone cases.  Each are cute, simple and colorful.  So cute, in fact, you may think twice about putting that phone of yours back in your pocket!

The Lime Shop on ETSY:

Graffiti Houndstooth iPhone case - $29.

Spring Blooms iPhone case - $29.

Large Houndstooth iPod case - $31.

I Heart Stripes iPhone case - $32.

The Lime Shop also features their own line of handmade friendship bracelets.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Coming up with a new idea can be hard--but coming up with a new use for something can be even harder.  On one hand, all you can think about is what this object currently is.  You're limited purely by what your eyes see.  On the other hand, if you let your imagination run wild, your idea may outweigh the overall functionality of whatever it is you're creating.  To make something truly "re-useful" a clever balance must be achieved.  Here are some folks that do it well.

Repurposed wall hanging, from Red Bird Crafts - $25.

Mini fabric bunting, from Knotted Nest - $7.

Red and white repurposed bird house, from Garage Inc. - $20.

Vintage sewing drawer, from AM Radio - $17.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Lunch

For some reason, every year when my birthday approaches, I begin to half-expect some sort of monetary gift from a random family member.  I was 13 the last time that happened.  I'm 34 now.  But the hope for a monetary surprise, via snail mail, still stubbornly persists.

This year, my birthday came and random monetary gift.  However, a neighborhood diner (just 3 blocks down the road) sent me a coupon for a free entree.  It wasn't money, but it'll do just fine.  I was 13 all over again--and it felt great.

Sometimes contentment springs from unexpected places...

Peace origami crane art poster print, from Field Trip - $20.

Vintage Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter, from Adventures in Vintage - $115.

Organic rosemary lemon soap, from Etta And Billie - $9.

"Follow Me (2)" fisheye photo, from Holly E. Photography - $10.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'll Take Potpourri for $800...

What is awesome?  "Jeopardy", that's what.  And the host of the long-running game show, Alex Trebek, has been doing his thing for decades.  Mustaches were cool, uncool, and then cool again...all under his tenure (and nose).  My all time favorite Jeopardy category was "Potpourri".  This was basically an excuse to put all the leftover bits of trivia (not otherwise easily categorized) in to one cleverly arranged group of "answers".  Unpredictability ensues.

These Etsy lovelies remind me of the random beauty of that category-of-old.  Enjoy.

What is antique?

Antique brass leaf earrings, from j Frances Design - $19.

What is a buddy?

"Best Friend Mooks", from My Grey Sky - $60.

What is sweet?

Vintage Tupperware sugar bowl trio, from Anna's Portfolio - $12.

What is symbolic?

"XOXO" die-cut note card, from Sweatbeaker - $4.

What is insanely cute?

Whole utensil set of earrings, from Alliteration - $12.
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