Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dressed to the Nines

This afternoon, myself (Half Pint Salvage) and Blackbird Tees are taking part in Seattle's 3rd annual "Girls Gone Glam" event.  Admission is $15 and proceeds go to Dress For Success Seattle, an organization who's mission is " promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life."

So if you're in the hood, come on down and support a great cause.  The event runs from 5-8pm and will be held at Seattle's Alexis Hotel (here's a map).  Hope to see you there!

Handsome fox woodland puppet, from Royal Buffet - $8:

Brown bat print, 8 x 10, from Berkley Illustration - $18:

Cuff links, from Mama's Little Babies - $17:

Vintage western shirt, from Big Brother Vintage - $12:

Monday, April 26, 2010


The sky is really gray today--so gray that you're almost forced to imagine what a blue sky actually looks like.  In an effort to jog my memory a bit, I searched for some "blue" inspiration on Etsy.  Now I remember!

Wakaw screenprint, from Breeree - $45:

Bigfoot letterpress notepad, from Blackbird Letterpress - $8:

"Lenore", raven t-shirt, from Blackbird Tees - $20:

Block print cloth napkins, from Life's A Peach - $20:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Faves - 4/23/10

That's right, it's Friday.  And that means it's time for this week's edition of "Friday Faves"!  Lots of great discoveries this week, but only room for 7.  That's the rules!

Before we begin, one more shout out to The Sunday Times Market.  Although I didn't win the recent "Trash to Craft" Challenge, ST Market was kind enough to plug the contest (and my shop) on their blog.  Very cool--thanks guys!

O.K., here's the magnificent 7:

"Buy a Bonnet and Shawl" Print, from Copperinc - $10:

Vintage 1970's Polaroid Camera, from Rhan - $18:

Handmade clock, from Uncommon - $36:

Embroidered dinosaur card, from Bybelinda - $5:

Vintage Popular Science books, from Little Dog Vintage - $20:

Fabric Pushpins, Bicycles and Scooters, from The Dove Tree - $6.50:

Batman Handbound Notebook, from Tas Makas Kagit - $19:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New is Old is New

Most of the time, when I hit the local Goodwill down the block, I find nothing but discarded IKEA leftovers.  Either that or loads of couches and desks (circa 1987), lots of broken (or on their way to being broken) cd players, and the occasional gem--used socks.

I'm not sure where The Sunday Times Market find their stuff, but the stuff they find is amazing.  Perhaps it's some sort of magic spell they cast upon thrift store merchandise--just before they walk in and find each and every vintage treasure to be had.  Maybe they're members of a secret society of estate and yard sale attendees--where only the most interesting, colorful, and charming vintage pieces are revealed.  Whatever the reason, they've got an incredible knack for finding the perfect item for that (fill in the blank) in your (fill in the blank).

So if you're still searching for that perfect item to add some charm and vintage appeal to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen--stop looking....The Sunday Times Market has already found it.

Green metal planter box, $28

Instant collection: vintage clocks, $32

Set of 9 topiary espalier mugs, $105

Numbers handled stamp, $38

Fire escape sign, $90

Retro turquoise chairs, $250

The Goods:

Etsy shop:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Faves - Premier Edition 4/16/10

I'm starting a new feature, here on The Half Pint Review: "Friday Faves".  Simply put, these are my favorite Etsy items from the past week--all rolled up in to one craft-tastical, TGIF package!  In today's premier edition, cuteness, cleverness, and craftiness reign supreme.  Enjoy!

 Bacon and eggs rubber stamp, from Cupcake Tree - $6.

"Little's" doll house set, from Photographic Amy - $12.

Embroidered zombie pocket notebook, from Nowvember - $24.

Balloon illustration, 8 x 10, from Atticus Finch - $16.

Duo hanging bird feeder, from Joe Papendick - $75.

"Bromance" metal art collage, from Ladybug Circus - $300.

Plantable numbers tags, from Green Post - $8.50.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eco-friendlier. New chalkboards -- the "all-wood" series.

For those of you familiar with my Etsy shop, you've most likely seen my staple item: the repurposed chalkboard.  Typically, I upcycle these from old windows and cabinet doors (and feature a functional assortment of vintage/salvaged hardware).  On a recent salvaging expedition, I came across a big 'ol pile of wooden cabinet doors that were still in like new condition.  Usually, I sand and paint these, but these guys were in such great shape that I decided to leave them in their natural state.  They are now part of my "All-Wood" series, and were just recently listed in my shop.  Here are the stars of the show:



THE ROOTS - $45.



"House of Chalk" has now been nominated for the "Trash to Craft" Challenge.  The eco-friendly item that wins will be featured on "The Daily Green"!  To vote, head on over to Etsy.  Here's the link: Trash to Craft Challenge.  Vote for Half Pint Salvage!
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