Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Action Figure in the Shop: 1983 GI Joe Destro!

Fans of the classic, 1980's "GI Joe" animated series will surely be delighted to see that a new action figure has landed at Half Pint Salvage. Meet the double-crossing, slightly maniacal Cobra head honcho, Destro!

1983 Destro action figure.

With his shiny, domed head and vintage-style pistol, Destro was perhaps the coolest Cobra figure to emerge from the '83 Hasbro line. Maybe it was the mystery surrounding his appearance. Or perhaps it was his cartoonish, evil voice.

An overhead view of Destro's dome. Shiny indeed!

Whatever the reason, Destro was a certified bad-ass action figure. And now he's back in action after a 20+ year hiatus. Additional pics and condition details in my Etsy listing.

Proof that Destro was an enemy weapons supplier: his file card!

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