Friday, February 26, 2010

Anywhere but here...

It's raining.  Again.  Thought of all the places I'd rather be today.  These wonderful photographs and prints helped:

Le Daydream.

"Tour Eiffel" 8" x 12" print, from Michael Garbutt Fine Art Photography - $35.

I dream in black and white.

"Be Bop De Do Dop" print, from Copperinc - $12.

A sunny day.

"Colorful Street Corner" 8" x 10" print, from Marissa Obscura - $15.

Am I awake or asleep?

"PUCCI" 8" x 11.5" giclee print, from Sandrasuy - $35.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar and spice--and everything I like

Begrudgingly, I've committed 2 hours/day to social media networking.  I made this commitment a few weeks back, not knowing if my long stints in front of a computer screen would pay off.  Surprisingly, it's turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I've made in my brief, but adventurous networking career.  I've "met" so many great fellow Etsy sellers on Twitter--many have gone so far as to include me in their blogs or treasuries.  How great is that?

So here's the first step in my effort to repay a few of my new e-friends.  Have a look at some of the great items available in their Etsy shops.  And be sure to follow them on Twitter too!



Vintage, pastel sugar cups, from The Vintage Apartment - $15.



Vintage, milk glass spice Jars, from The Wild Plum - $75.

A dash of this and that:


Vintage Danish Modern, teak, salt and pepper shakers, from The Sunday Times Market - $28.

Mix it up a bit:


Honey Czech glass and silver earrings, from Jewels of Saraswati - $15.

What a delicious, delectable and divine collection of goodies!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Four stay indoors

It's pouring rain today.  Eventually, I'll leave my go see "Wolfman"!  However, if these 4 items were in my possession, I'd be inclined to stay right on this couch all day.  And I wouldn't feel the least bit guilty.

Snuggle time:

Ultra crazy and cozy, 1930's restored quilt from Oh This Nose - $325

A nice warm, soothing cup of tea:

 Organic, "Stress Relief" tea, from The Loose Leaf - $10.75 (15-20 cups)

A sweet treat:

 Baklava cookies, from Yummy Affair - $7.95 (1/2 lb.)

Jot down those creative thoughts of yours:

 "Queen of Hearts" Journal/Sketchbook, from Soma Venus - $30

All items and sellers can be found on Etsy.  Now go do some shopping:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ETSY Shop Profile: Bybelinda

Earlier this morning, I was using the extremely fun "Pounce" tool on ETSY.  In addition to discovering previously undiscovered shops (shops without sales), Pounce allows you to see what items have recently been sold.  I chose the latter and "pounced" upon Bybelinda.  Her lovely shop features hand embroidered paper goods (greeting cards and journals), zipper pouches, and even super-fun, 5" x 7" art pieces (custom designs accepted).  Here's a great tip for my fellow ETSY sellers out there:  check out her item titles and photos--notice how incredibly cute they are!  Personally, I can't resist the "when i dip. you dip. we dip." hand embroidered big dipper ($16):

Other cute, clever items from Bybelinda:

"elephant heart elephant" embroidered card.  $4.50.

"hedgehog" embroidered moleskin journal.  $8.

5" x 7", "sit back. relax." embroidered chair.  $16.
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